A selection of videos about tram conductors in Melbourne and World-wide

A tribute to the connies of Melbourne

This video is a tribute to Melbourne's Tram Conductors, including footage from the 1990 tram conductors dispute and of conductors back on trams during the 2008 10th anniversary.

Postcard from Calcutta

ABC TV's Foreign Correspondant reports on Melbourne Connie  and cultural activist Roberto D'Andrea, working with Calcutta trammies to help in the fight to save the Calcutta tramways in October 1996.

Trailer to the Bring 'Em Back documetary

This is the trailer to the documentry Bring'Em Back. Bring 'Em Back is a political and emotional plea for the return of Melbourne's beloved 'connies' – or conductors.

Director Phillip Donnellon's documentary, full of humour and passion, harks back to a time before the government sell-off of public assets, to a debate that brought this Melbourne to a standstill over the proposed removal of tram conductors in 1990.

Connies join the fight to save Melbourne's Historic 'W' Class Trams in 2010

Channel 9 News

Returning conductors to Melbournes trams would be cheap and effective

An interesting piece of investigative journalism. They head to Adelaide and their modern light rail tramways with Tram Conductors. Interviews with a conductor who talk about tourism and helping folk with disabilities and how they have adapted to modern day ticketing, and the low levels of fare evasion with conductors. The report then reviews Melbourne's MYKI ticketing system. How many conductors would we have had for the money spent/wasted on MYKI?

Channel 7 News

Amsterdam Joyride

Phillip Donnellon visits Amsterdam where connies have returned to trams after an automatic ticketing system was tried and eventually abandoned for reasons with which Melbournians are tragically familiar.

Bremen Joyride

Phillip Donnellon explores the use of conductors and heritage trams and in Bremen Germany.

A Phillip Donnellon short film