The Sundari Tram

Painted Trams

Both Melbourne & Calcutta have decorative tram painting traditions.

At the Nonapukur tram workshops in Calcutta in early 1997, workshops manager Mr S. K. Mitra & senior workshops officials commissioned a friendship tram. Tollygunge tram 649 was reshaped & painted like Melbourne Z class tram 101, the pride of the tram fleet - complete with sunrise theme.

The sundari tram is a symbol of the desire amongst C.T.C trammies to make Calcutta’s tramways strong again.

On February 27, 2001, the Sunrise Tram was decorated in garlands of flowers & departed the Esplanade with legendary singer Usha Utup, Transport Minister Subhas Chakraborty & a Melbourne Connie on board – amongst many.

Usha broke into the song Kolkata Kolkata‚ as the tram tracked through the lush green maidan parkland. From Kidderpore to Kalighat children & adults rushed to take a close look, smiling & waving. The mood was electric as Usha switched from one hit to another & trammies danced alongside Calcuttans.