Reintroducing Melbourne's tram conductors

There is still huge community support for tram conductors to return to our rightful place on-board Melbourne’s trams. Therefore we feel that the community would celebrate the return of tram conductors for cultural, economic and social reasons, and that this would bring much good-will back to the tramways.


We look forward to a new era in which conductors work alongside drivers, ticket inspectors, other trammies and passengers. We will marry the traditions of the best connies of old with a modern day ticketing system, whether it is Metcard, Myki or something else.

The roles of the new tram conductors would include:

  1. The checking of tickets.
  2. Selling a small range of tickets, especially in circumstances where the tram is too full to enable easy access to the machine, such as in peak hour or during major sporting events, festivals etc. Conductors need not carry the full range of tickets, and would act to backup and enhance the automated ticketing system.
  3. Carry change to assist people in purchasing tickets from machines onboard trams.
  4. Provide passengers, including visitors and tourists, with information about the public transport system.
  5. Provide passengers with information about Melbourne, such as history, what to see and do, how to get to hospitals, sporting stadiums, the beach etc.
  6. Keep the trams clean, free of graffiti, feet of seats etc.
  7. Help people feel safer, by providing a friendly good humoured presence, and calling in security staff where necessary.
  8. Provide other assistance as necessary, including helping the elderly, parents with prams etc.

In this manner conductors will be a financial benefit to the tram system, including by significantly decreasing fair evasion, will increase ammenity and will restore public respect and support for the tramways and for public transport in general.

1. Returning to the City Circle

New conductors would first be introduced on the City Circle line, and will then move onto other lines. There would be a phased introduction, starting with about 20 conductors in the first year and expanding in subsequent years. This line is run by ‘W’ Class trams and has many locals and visitors on board. City Circle trained conductors would be asked many questions about Melbourne and the tram system etc. by the people who patronise these trams.

2. City Circle tram conductors then move on to other tram lines

The new City Circle conductors would then start to move from the City Circle line onto other tram lines.

The City Circle trams are the training base for 300 tram conductors who would eventually serve on all tram routes. By 2012, we believe that the 300 City Circle trained tram conductors would then be looking after trams from the city to the inner suburbs via Flemington Road, Royal Parade, Nicholson Street, Brunswick Street, Smith Street, Victoria Parade, Bridge Road, Chapel Street, St Kilda Road, South Melbourne and along both Light Rail tram routes to Port Melbourne and St Kilda Beach.


connie in action


connie in action