Melbourne - Calcutta Tramjatras in Melbourne

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Shown here is 1036 W7 Class Friendship Tram decorated in the sheds at South Melbourne Depot one month before South was closed. The W-Class Bondhu Friendship tram as it was commonly known was the last great statement the eccentric South Depot proudly made to the world.

Melbourne Tramjatras where many and varied. The first tram to be decorated was the 1036 W-Class in 1997. Then in 2000-2002 several trams as a part of the Tramjatra Friendships were decorated as a part of the Moomba Trams on Parade Festivals. The W7 Class Tram 1018 was called the Love Tram and a part of Moomba 2000. W6 Class Tram 899 appeared as the Durga Melbourne Tram in 2001. Y Class Tram 613 was decorated by the Abbotsford Anglers Friendship Cricket Team in 2002. All trams had performing tram conductors and photgraphic exhibitions. Trams 1018 and 899 had painted exteriors.