Keeping the tradition alive

The tradition lives on

Since May 1998 and for the last 10 years, some former tram conductors, artists, environmentalists, a filmmaker and a mob of  tram-loving passengers have kept traditional tram conducting skills alive; like yarning with and cross-pollinating people. Today we are listed as critically endangered alongside other Australians like the Orange-bellied Parrot.


Our tram conducting skills on-board trams have been kept alive in Calcutta, India with our trammie friends from the Calcutta Tramways Company (CTC). Together we’ve decorated a number of Calcutta Trams in 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2005. Once the trams are decorated we dress in our Melbourne connies uniforms and conduct alongside Calcutta’s connies ringing bells and distributing tickets and cards. Together we tour Calcutta on all tram routes and visit all 7 depots from Belgatchia to Park Circus.

Festivals and other events in Victoria

Conductors have appeared at many events in Melbourne, including Melbourne’s Moomba Trams On Parade, where we decorated trams at the Preston Tram Workshops, and dressed in a variety of Connies uniforms. We were a major part of festivities on Swanston Street from 1999 to 2002. At the 2006 Commonwealth Games we’ve conducted on-board the famous Karachi Tram which plied the City Circle tram route for the length of the games and then later through the 2006/2007 summer season, once again on the City Circle line.

We continue to conduct at festivals and other events throughout Melbourne, Victoria and beyond.

connie in action

connie in action

connie in action