Baccha Children's Tram

Andy 'Pescadore' Miller arrived fresh from the popular Melbourne Moomba Trams on Parade festival in March 2001, joined Mr Roberto & conducted alongside Calcutta trammies greeting people, yarning tram stories & singing tramjatra songs in connie-duet. Calcuttas affectionately called Andy 'Milla', and upon learning that he could paint invited him to decorate tram 715 alongside Park Circus trammies & Nonapukur’s Ujjal Dhar & Barun Gayen.

The tram was dressed in the tram sheds at Park Circus. It was dedicated to all the World's children and was called the Bacca (Childrens) Tram. Images of healthy fruit and a healthy environment adorned the tram. Grapes, pears & butterflies named Milano, Tunis, Amsterdam, San Fransisco, Zurich, Lyon, Grenoble, Manchester, Melbourne, Calcutta, Toronto & Torino & reminded Calcuttans of the distinctive tram family to which they belong.

On March 24 2001, the Baccha tram was launched with 60 children from Behala Primary School, Calcutta trammies, Melbourne Connies and the Abbotsford Anglers cricket team onboard for a tram-ride to Joka.